Practical Information


Zirka Zehn is a Berlin based choir. We sing every two weeks on Wednesday at 19:30 close to U Hermannplatz. The mixed repertoire is chosen by the group and arranged and directed by Joep Hegger.

Rehearsal times, dates, and location


Hasenheide 9, courtyard 2/Hof 2, Entrance 1/Aufgang 1 (gerade zu über den Hof), 4th floor on the left side/4.OG links (at/bei 'Juliane Ade Mediation'). This is 1 minute on foot from U7/U8 Hermannplatz.


We gather at 19:20 and start punctually at 19:30. Rehearsals end at 21:00, but sometimes we end a few minutes later.


Choir membership includes two rehearsals per month, on average. This means we sing roughly every two weeks.

The rehearsal dates until Christmas are:

3 & 17 & 31 October
14 & 28 November
12 December

Due to the week numbers, October has 3 and December 1, maintaining the average.

The rehearsal dates for the first half of 2019 are:

9 & 23 January
6 & 20 February
6 & 20 March
3 & 17 April
1 & 15 & 29 May
12 June

If you use Google Calendar, you can save them automatically by clicking here.

Membership and contribution


Choir members are guaranteed two directed rehearsals per month, at least two performances per year, and all necessary support and materials.

Because this choir has a flat hierarchy, members offer fair commitment.

Financial contribution

Every choir member is asked to donate a fixed monthly sum to cover rehearsal space rental costs and arranging/directing efforts. The amount is dependent on your income and can be anything in between €17,50 and €47,50 per month. You can judge your income yourself and make a fair contribution. This can be done to:

Joep Hegger, IBAN: DE02 1005 0000 6015 6302 97, BIC: BELADEBEXXX, mentioning 'Zirka Zehn' as the transfer description.

Communication and language

All communication outside rehearsals happens in a Whatsapp group chat operated by Joep. For those who don't want to use Whatsapp, Joep offers essential updates in a Telegram and Signal group, and through email.

Want to be in any of these communications channels? Ask Joep, +31611389618.

Short term communication: It often happens we need to communicate something important short term. On rehearsal days, make sure to check the Whatsapp group chat once or twice before heading off to the rehearsal. However, we agreed that after 16:30 on rehearsal days, no more important messages will be shared.

Language: Currently, the communication language is English. When only German speakers are present, or when it suits a given situation best, we switch to German. For song languages, there are principally no limitations.

Cancellation policy

Cancelling your presence at a rehearsal

We assume that everybody who doesn't cancel is present. If you can't make it, please announce so as soon as possible. Of course, sometimes things don't go as planned – but even for short term cancellations, the deadline is 16:30 on the rehearsal day. Note that cancellations do not result in a refund of the financial contribution, regardless the cause.

Cancelling your choir membership

Simply inform Joep and/or the choir Whatsapp group, and cancel your fixed monthly contribution.

Cancelling of the director’s presence at a rehearsal

The rehearsal always takes place as planned, no matter how many people show up. Just in case: Up to 4 times per year, Joep may cancel his presence as director due to illness or overpowering obstruction. After the fifth time, reasonable financial contribution refunds will be made. In case of Joep's absence, the choir strives to meet nonetheless, and agrees upon relevant details in the Whatsapp group.

New choir members

Everybody is always welcome to try if the choir is something for them!

They are invited to join for one or two rehearsals with no strings attached, with a fixed €10 donation per trial rehearsal attended. After the trial rehearsal(s), they are kindly asked to either join for real, or to leave it be.

Are you inviting a friend for a rehearsal? Briefly update the choir by announcing it in the choir Whatsapp group, or by dropping Joep a line on +31611389618.

Choir profile and basic principles

Choir identity

Zirka Zehn is a mixed style, mixed experience level, and mixed age/background choir. This means anybody can join, and if somebody asks what they can expect stylistically/genre wise, we can reply something like 'about 50/50 classical and modern' ( modern = mainly but not exclusively pop).

As we focus on the way we sing (interpretation/storytelling) and on training the musicality of our members, we include group improvisation techniques in every rehearsal.


Being a member means regularly showing up at rehearsals. Everybody's got busy lives, but if we want to keep it fun for ourself and others, we try and be part of the musical and social process as much as we can. Also, committing to this choir means engaging in a co-created project:


Co-creation is the key to making the choir an enjoyable musical and social experience. Although some people are naturally more arive or passive than others, everybody is asked to contribute to group discussions, and warmly invited to take part in searching for new performance opportunities.

Summer course

Because choir member presence in July and August is very irregular, the contribution money for those months is spent on a dedicated choir day or weekend.

The details depend on the budget, availability and other factors and will be discussed and scheduled in early 2019.


Questions are always welcome!

Don’t hesitate to post general questions in the choir Whatsapp group, or to ask Joep anything through +31611389618 or

Choir materials & videos

Choir materials

All pieces/songs we sing come with notes/sheet music and sound examples. You can find these here:

Any questions about the Dropbox? Ask Jan. Anything else? Ask the rest.


Below are the instruction videos to the choir improvisation techniques we use, explained by my Dutch colleague Merel: