Would you like to increase your confidence on and off stage?

Would you like to be able to reset a troubled voice and body into a relaxed state, anytime?

Would you like to have a voice that always feels and sounds free, no matter what?

Then consider booking a Vocal Freedom, Confidence, and Anti Stage Fright course.

Many clients of mine, public speakers and singers, professionals and amateurs, asked me to help them improve their vocal technique. It turned out, though, that what they were really looking for was a was to use their voice with more confidence.

They were looking for a voice that sounds and feels free. Always. Everywhere. A voice that doesn't get influenced by stage fright, or even successfully combats it.

An effective mix of information and hands-on exercises

All of these things are usualy the quite positive side effects from learning vocal technique. However, if the main goal is to liberate your voice, improve your confidence, or deal with stage fright, why not address these issues directly?

Although cases are similar, no company, team, singer, actor, or representative is a standard case. Consequently, I offer tailor made programs to perfectly suit your case.

Designed to meet the participants' needs best, an effective mix of information and hands-on exercises will have them leave the course with their vocal competence and confidence boosted, and with the tools to continue improving their skills afterwards.

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Booking details


Considering to book a course for your company? Simply send me an inquiry including the location, the time frame, and the number of individuals to be trained. You will receive a custom informal offer within three working days.


Would you rather take private vocal sessions about this topic at my Amsterdam or Berlin studio? Then simply book a session below. Using the coupon code INTAKE, you’ll get a one time 50% discount - the voice is a personal matter, so it’s good to get to know each other, with no strings attached.