Do you feel like your voice, or that of an employee, is holding you back?

Are you unconfident about your vocal performance or presentation skills?

Would you like to gain full control over your vocal sound, no matter where or how you use it?

Then vocal coaching is something for you.

The Vocal Coach offers a clear and powerful method that can be tailor adjusted to guarantee efficient and lasting improvement.

Based on the latest vocal research and international coaching experience, our top rated method rapidly increases vocal control, preparing the voice for flexible adjustment to convince any audience – boosting stage confidence and improving presentation and communication skills.

I coach speakers of all backgrounds, experience levels, and age groups, either at one of my studios or on site.

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What is vocal control?

For every event, there is a perfect outfit - and a perfect voice. Knowing what kind of voice fits which occasion, and the ability to deliver just that voice instantly, defines vocal control.

You may want to sound trustworthy and knowledgeable to superiors. Playful and bright to childern. Sweet and perhaps adventurous to your spouse. You may want to sound inspiring and authoritative to your team and your wider audiences. And, in any case, you will want to sound, and feel, confident.

For every occasion, there is a perfect outfit.
And a perfect voice.

A master of the voice can tailor adjust their voice on the fly to perfectly suit any situation, no matter how poor the circumstances are.

All you need to become a master of your own voice is a simple method. One you can understand in a minute and has the power to guide you for a lifetime.


A good method suits everybody - beginners, experts, and beginners becoming experts. Also, a good method is constantly improved with the latest research results.

The Vocal Coach offers just that. A unique framework that can be used by beginners to expore, and by experts to ever deepen their skill. With a framework that easily allows zooming out and back in, you never get stuck. With a framework like this, improvement and success become straightforward, efficient, and lasting.

sound, Performance, awareness

The Vocal Coach method consists of three building blocks: Sound, Performance, and Awareness.

Basically, you produce tones of a particular kind (sound) that you use in time and space (performance) and that you register consciously or unconsciously (awareness). These three building blocks constantly influence one another, but if we understand and control them separately, we improve most efficiently.


Everybody can produce every vocal sound (provided the body functions normally). Anything you hear out there, you can do, too.

If you want to influence the sound of your voice, one important step is to separate what you hear from what you feel. Whereas our sensations and their effects cannot be easily measured, we can all hear if our voice sounds

  • breathy or clear,

  • loud or soft,

  • free or pressed,

  • dark or bright,

  • regular or creaky,

  • nasalized or oral.

Using a library of over 1000 simple exercises based on the latest vocal research, anybody can learn to recognize and influence the way their voice sounds.

“But why isn’t deep or powerful in this list,” is a question I get a lot. The answer is simple: deep, powerful, etc. aren’t sound qualities, they are a combination of them. I found that deep to most of my clients means a dark, clear, and free sounding voice. And that goes for every vocal adjective we can think of: Once we understand what sound qualities a vocal sound encompasses, we can start acquiring it.

Hegger’s method is very straightforward and clear.
It meant a great deal for my vocal confidence.
— Jonas Salzberger


Your voice always sounds in time and space. If we want to control the way we’re performing our vocal sound, we have to look at

  • articulation,

  • melody, and

  • time.

Articulation is the way you pronounce your language. This has a major effect on the sound as well as on the other two performance factors (melody and time).

Melody is the alteration of pitch: Think of a question usually ending upward, and a statement usually ending downward.

Time. Both our words and our pauses can be fast or slow.

By altering these factors, we can find the performance that best suits our vocal sound.


Feel free to read awareness as analysis, emotion, or mindset, depending on what kind of person you are. Everybody, though, has to be aware of what they’re doing, if they want to know if they’re doing it right. Also, the way in which we monitor our behaviour plays a major role in our chances of success.

Simply put: If we get to be aware of the way we are aware of our voice, we can start influencing it, meaning that things like confidence, stage fright, inspiration, and feeling good about our voice become a matter or choice rather than a matter of chance.

Sit back and relax - no matter what happens, you will sound confident, free, and exactly right.

The Full Vocal Reset

At the point where we’re able to control our vocal sound, performance, and awareness, we become able to reset the voice whenever we want. Assessing the perfect vocal sound for a new situation and implementing it becomes a matter of seconds.

Having this Full Vocal Reset in your skill set means you can sit back and relax: You can rest assured that, no matter what happens, you will sound confident, free, and exactly right.

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Perfectly adjusted to your case

Despite being similar, no individual, company, or team is a standard case. Consequently, I offer tailor made public speaking programs to perfectly suit your need.

Based on a vast library of vocal tools and exercises, my coaching ranges from one-time 60 minute crash courses through multiple week training programs.


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