Joep is a master of the technical side of singing. Relaxed, professional and humorous.
— Lila Payens

Vocal technique. Probably the best known shortcut to vocal improvement. In my private singing lessons, choirs and other vocal groups, I use a set of voice techniques to improve their singing.

Repeatedly, I have received questions if I could teach those techniques to other choirs and vocal ensembles, ranging from a one-rehearsal crash course to a multiple month trajectory.

If you want me to do the same for your vocal group, this is your page. I provide an effective mix of information and hands-on exercises that will have the participants leave the rehearsal with their vocal technique and vocal confidence boosted, and with the tools to continue improving afterwards.

Optionally, I include a focus on teaching the techniques used, so the ensemble or choir leader(s) can take my place when the course ends.

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background and booking details

You can read all about the technical framework that I use on the Singing Lessons page. If you want to learn about the way I got to love it so much I started to teach it, visit the About page.

Do you want to learn more? Simply send me an inquiry including the location, the time frame, the repertoire, and the number of individuals to be trained. You will receive a custom informal offer within three working days.

This course can be combined or mixed with the Improvisation Techniques for Choirs and Ensembles course.