You may have a killer story - if you don’t know how to tell it, nobody will listen.

Vocal performance. Perhaps the most important skill your employees need for sales and effective in house collaboration.

Repeatedly, I was invited to custom design vocal performance improvement programs for companies, ranging from a one-hour crash course to a multiple month trajectory. In case you are looking for such a program/course for your company, this is your page.

Although cases are similar, no company, team, or representative is a standard case. Consequently, I offer tailor made corporate public speaking programs to perfectly suit your case.

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Designed to meet the participants' needs best, an effective mix of information and hands-on exercises will have them leave the course with their vocal competence and confidence boosted, and with the tools to continue improving their skills afterwards.

Do you want to learn more? Simply send me an inquiry including the location, the time frame, and the number of individuals to be trained. You will receive a custom informal offer within three working days.