Joep accompanies the choir with so much energy, inspiration, and creativity!
— Myra Vojtechovsky

Two choirs, one idea

Both my Amsterdam and Berlin choirs are mixed level, mixed genre, mixed age groups, and mixed backgrounds.

The repertoire is decided upon by the choir members and rehearsed every 14 days on Wednesday evening. We either take existing arrangements, or, if we find nothing suitable, I’m happy to arrange any song/piece into a choir arrangement.

Beside repertoire singing and essential vocal training, we use group improvisation techniques to create vibrant songs on the spot - that isn’t just fun, it also boosts the singers’ vocal confidence and musicality.

what about reading notes?

For every song or piece we sing, I organise a combination of sound examples and sheet music. Experience tells me that if you sing along to a sound example while reading the notes - even if you don’t have so much experience with reading music - you can easily learn your part.

Wanna try it out?

I often receive detailed questions by singers who are interested in joining a choir. Even though I take pleasure in answering them, I always stress that the best way to see if a choir suits you is by simply joining a rehearsal. This way, you get to experience my approach, and see if you fit in the group.

If you wanna give it a shot, simply let me know below!

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