Hi, I'm Joep.


In 2004, I first encountered physiological vocal technique: An approach where the muscle actions that produce the sounds we make with our voice are traced and controlled.

I was thrilled: It meant we can fully control our vocal sound. Traditional approaches, still used today by the majority of professionals, assume we can only excel in one sound. But now, we can be flexible experts of the voice, using one single technical framework to deliver anything: A convincing sales pitch, an opera aria, a whisper a jazz song, a shout on the sports field.

And all of this without the voice getting damaged or tired.

Every excellent voice out there turned from a utopian inspiration into a genuine possibility.


While releasing my first LP record in 2012, this technical framework helped me to find the exact right sound – and provided essential vocal confidence and presentation/stage skills I needed for the recording studio and the performances that followed. I wanted to spread the word.

I opened my first vocal studio in Berlin in early 2013. I started coaching individuals and groups, public speakers as well as singers, professionals and amateurs, from every background imaginable. In the gallery I opened as part of the studio, I started to conduct courses on every relevant topic around vocal technique, beside directing and arranging for choirs and hosting monthly cross discipline art events.

In 2017, inquiries increased from my home country of the Netherlands, as a result of which I opened a second studio in Amsterdam. I am currently sharing my time between the Dutch and German capitals.

Every voice I have worked with is unique. It is impossible to summarize the wealth of information all these public speaking and singing cases provide. Today, I combine this experience as a vocal coach with the current state of knowledge about the voice to offer the unique framework my clients use to always find what many of them at first thought was impossible:

A voice that always feels free and sounds exactly right, no matter what.